You can use this page to pay your 2018 St. Vladimir Membership Dues!

If you would like to make your gift recurring you can do that as well!

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By joining St. Vladimir's you show your visible support of the parish which nourishes you and your family spiritually. We all hope the parish will be there when we need it (for marriages, funerals, baptisms, etc.). By joining the parish we support it both spiritually and financially. Membership dues are $55 per year for working adults and $27.50 per year for non-working adults. In addition to this nominal amount we ask you to make a regular tithe to the parish.

For more information or questions please contact one of our membership coordinators: Vasiliy Krivtsov ( or 734-669-8712) or Dmitry Knysh ( or 734-358-5996) or Konstantin Poplavsky (734-944-4087 or 419-344-2071). We cordially invite you to join our parish family!

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