Join us to build the only Orthodox Christian school in Michigan! image

Join us to build the only Orthodox Christian school in Michigan!

Now is the time to build - now is the time to give!

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In 2016, there was a strong interest and a dream for an Orthodox School from a group of parents attending St. Vladimir Orthodox Church. Within months, other Orthodox Churches throughout Metro Detroit expressed interest and have helped build momentum towards the starting of an Orthodox School. With St. Vladimir taking the lead, we have come a long way, Glory be to God. Among other things, we have our Classical Academy curriculum planned, building plans approved by Lima Township, Washtenaw County (with a few minor things still to be worked out), and the State of Michigan. We have reviewed bids and chosen a contractor for our build. We plan on breaking ground in the 2019 construction season. We are also thankful to Tamara Real's estate donation towards start-up funds for the school, which was used for architectural plans and township submissions.

In order to begin construction for the school, we are pulling a loan for $100,000. In the year of construction, there will be no tuition income to cover the cost and the expenses of the loan. We are looking for donors to bridge the gap.

We would appreciate any donation, even if it is a recurring $10 per month, as it will go a long way to pay off the loan of $100,000. The monthly cost of the loan will be approximately $1000. Imagine 50 people at $20 per month, which equals to one Starbucks coffee a week.

If you prefer to send a check, please make payable to St. Vladimir Church, 9900 Jackson Rd., Dexter, MI 48130.

Thank you for your support - both material and prayerful, and may God provide you with many blessings in return!