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Join us as we Build the New St. Vladimir Church!

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With God's help and Archbishop Peter's blessing we intend to build a new St. Vladimir's Church! Thank God – we have outgrown our present facilities. We need more space to grow, and to bring Orthodox Christianity to more and more of those who are seeking the true, authentic faith!

We aim to average a gift of $6,000 from each member of our St. Vladimir parish. That is - we can build the new St. Vladimir's for this amount. Our time frame is to gather $500,000 to start construction and $900,000 to pay for the whole thing. We can begin construction in 24 months if we average a gift of $140/member for 24 moths, and pay the whole thing off in 43 months at that rate! We know not everyone can manage that, and we know others can manage more. NO MATTER WHICH PLEDGE YOU CHOOSE PLEASE PLEDGE FOR AT LEAST 43 MONTHS! It is not impossible to give $1 per month for 6,000 months, but we hope that not too many people will have to do that. The key: please challenge yourself and give as the Lord has blessed you!